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Friday, August 12th, 2016
11:34 pm
No Man's Sky
I originally had this on my wishlist planning to buy it when it went on sale, but as the actual release date came up I found myself actually wanting to play it, so I got it, like, three days early because I'd heard the release date was the 9th and didn't realize that was for the PS4 only.

It's pretty much what I expected, which is a good thing I think. n.n

performance is okay on my machine at least...Collapse )

Aimless exploration seems to be the main activity, of course. Every planet has scattered monoliths that teach you alien language and outposts with random events (usually, multiple-choice quizzes in an alien language that give you a blueprint for something if you get it right), and then lots and lots of wilderness. Scattered treasure hordes. Giant mineral outcroppings. Alien life forms that are usually peaceful but there was this one planet (I named it 'FakeLake' because it had these blue patches of dirt that I thought was open water from orbit) where all the animals wanted to eat you and it was SO ANNOYING because they'd dodge and were hard to hit and then the sentinels would come in to protect the poor, precious flesh-eating monstrosities and...

...I probably should have just left that planet right away, honestly.

So, yeah. The different planets seem different -- some have water, some have caves, some have cliffs everywhere, some have flesh-eating monstrosities, most of them are toxic or radioactive or boiling hot...

But they're so big! And there's no way to get a hint as to how to get back to somewhere that you left behind. If you launch from a planet and fly around in space for a while and then go back to the planet, the odds of finding that outpost with the shop that lets you sell your loot are... not good. I wasn't able to do it, anyway.

So, yeah. It's fun, as long as you like aimless wandering and looting tiny 'dungeons' and mining. And occasionally running away from flesh-eating monstrosities.

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Sunday, June 12th, 2016
11:01 pm
Warcraft Movie
"Hey, I remember that instance! But didn't the orcs win?"
"Only after the time dragon sent you back to make sure the horde came through so that all the games could happen."
"Oooh, right."
Friday, April 1st, 2016
11:21 pm
Last weekend there was the season premiere of My Little Pony, and I've put off giving my opinion on it for long enough that if I don't do it now it'll start stacking up with this week's episode and it'll never get done. Which is... probably not anything anyone would care about but I'm writing this anyway, damn it.

spoilersCollapse )

So overall, while it doesn't make my list of all-time favorites, it was a really good episode. 3/3
Sunday, March 6th, 2016
12:29 am
Another story about Lyra...
So, I put another fanfic up on fimfiction. I like... parts of it? But I did finally finish it and I'm at the point where I would rather be done with writing it so that I can move on to something else than keep trying to figure out how to make it better.

Seriously. I've been writing this one *forever*.

I call it Lyra's World.

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, February 6th, 2016
8:47 pm
Games part 3: Strategizifyicating
I reinstalled Civ 5 because we wanted to try playing it multiplayer (co-op) again, and while I was doing that I installed a bunch of pony mods and started a game where I'm Princess Celestia competing with the neighboring empires of Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. Chrysalis is my BEST BUD. And as long as she has that ridiculous freaky huge army that she somehow managed to spam, I hope she stays that way.

I'm... not winning. On Prince, which I know Rowyn at least considers 'easy mode'.

I started playing it as a break from XCOM-2. I don't hate X-COM 2. I want to play it more. I'm just not sure I want to play more of it RIGHT NOW since RIGHT NOW I have to go into a retaliation mission where they're throwing mutons and a sectoid against me. The joke about the Ranger class is that 'after years of using plasma weapons, X-Com finally invented the sword'. Well, the aliens invented the sword too. Or at least the power-fist.

...and the tongue. *shudder*

Anyway, yeah -- it's a mission where you have to kill some enemies and save 6 out of 13 civilians. So far, I have not managed to finish the mission with any of my soldiers alive. X-Com 2 is FREAKING HARD.

I'm sure there are people out there complaining that it's so easy and the AI is horrible and even the 'impossible' mode is a cakewalk... because between Civ and X-COM, one thing is becoming increasingly clear.

I am not good at strategy games. x.x
8:40 pm
Games... part 2: Fallout
The next game I don't know why I enjoy is Fallout 4. The plot is... there. The gameplay is... there. The world is... there. The character customization exists. Somehow, though, it's really compelling, to the point where I've played through it twice and I'm in the middle of a third run. The third run being a 'no, I really do hate myself' run where I'm not using fast travel and playing on the hardest difficulty.

Playing Elite prepared me nicely for not using fast travel.

I think what happened is that they filled the world with junk to scavenge, just like lots of other games, and then had all the junk be *actually useful* for making stuff. So it's scratching the same exploration and hoarding itch as something like Terraria. But is also a decent RPG in addition.

They also have some mostly optional mazelike skyscraper or underground bunker areas that are more of a metroidvania feel, occasionally with some bonus treasure at the end.

And you get to take lots of drugs. Who doesn't love taking drugs?
8:34 pm
Games.... part 1: Elite
I haven't posted in a while, have I? So, let me complain about video-games. I promise I'll only complain about the ones that I like!

First in the 'why am I enjoying this?' pile is Elite:Dangerous.Collapse )
Sunday, November 29th, 2015
11:59 pm
Disaster strikes! Multiple times!
Or perhaps not at all, depending on how real unreal things are. MLP has a weird philosophy regarding time travel.

spoilersCollapse )

I'll give it 3/3 even if the ending wasn't exactly what I would have wanted. The solution was logical in broad stokes, and it was only some of the details that fell flat. Meanwhile, the rest of the episode was an excuse to wow us with stuff, and it did.

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Thursday, November 26th, 2015
1:17 am
The Return of Applejerk
On this week's My Little Pony, a famous(?) singer was hired to do some voice acting and singing for the episode. She actually did a really good job! But what about the episode?

spoilersCollapse )

So I guess it's 2/3 because nothing really happens and the part with the thing and the other part with the same thing were annoying, and also the only real plot points.

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Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
6:10 pm
The One Where Twilight is a Dork
Other than that, this week's MLP was pretty good. But OH MY GOD THE PAIN.

spoilersCollapse )

So... huh. It was fun but there were some logical flaws and really grating issues, so I'll give it 2/3.

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Sunday, November 8th, 2015
7:59 pm
What about inside jokes?
I'm not sure there was actually a moral for this week's my little pony episode. There was a huge preachy moral speech, but yay? Mostly it was just ponies laughing.

spoilersCollapse )

Overall, it was a pretty good episode, but there were some annoyingly preachy bits and they really milked all the things. Even if that was part of the joke it was still annoying. 2/3.

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Thursday, October 29th, 2015
9:05 am
Pies and Apples go together like...
...smashing an apple into a pie and splattering sticky goo everywhere!

spoilersCollapse )

Anyway, it was a really fun episode with the 'new' characters actually being interesting and likable, and little hints of worldbuilding that felt natural. 3/3.

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Sunday, October 18th, 2015
10:49 pm
Pinkie Pie Knows

spoilersCollapse )

The moral of the story is that people shouldn't rely on not being told spoilers, because it's really painful for everyone who knows and it doesn't matter that much anyway. Or possibly the opposite, but I'm going with my gut.

But it was a fun episode, without anything to really drag it down. I'm going to provisionally give it 3/3 although I'm worried that might just be an overreaction to the last couple episodes being terrible.

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
3:50 pm
Overheard in the lunch line
"What the hell? Did you bring everyone?"
"I didn't know this was supposed to be exclusive. What are you, some sort of ice cream hipster?"
"I liked ice cream before it was cool."
"So when it was just cream."
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
10:37 am
[Flip Table Now]
My table is full of heavy books and game boxes. It's surrounded by piles of comic books, and table itself is really fragile, both because of general shoddy construction and because one of the key supports was missing when I bought it so it's always been kind of wobbly.

So I didn't flip the table after today's MLP episode. That's really the only reason.

arghCollapse )

So, this episode gets 1/3 from the pain of having to watch it, with an additional 2 point penalty for the things it defined without really needing to and did a terrible job at. -1/3.

I also realize I didn't talk about the episode from last week. This is sort of because I don't want to talk about it. I was cringing through the entire episode, almost literally. Everything about the episode made me cringe. 1/3 for spoilorCollapse ). Of course, compared to this week's travesty, it was a masterpiece.

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
12:14 am
No longer a Rarity
So much Rarity...

So sick of Rarity...

Eh, the episode had lots of AJ too, at least.

spoilersCollapse )

But overall, the episode was fun and the payoff scene at the end was actually kind of heartwarming without being too anvilicious. Still, it featured Rarity, so I can only give it 2/3.

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Saturday, September 19th, 2015
9:15 pm
No, I didn't miss the 14th episode of season 5. I've just been really forgetful lately. v.v So, let's talk about 14 and 15.

spoilersCollapse )

Overall... too much Rarity. But the first episode had a good payoff scene at the end, and the second episode she was actually Pinkie Pie in disguise, so I'll give them each 2/3.

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Monday, August 24th, 2015
1:41 pm
Squirrels! Er, I mean, Marvel Heroes
tl;dr -- it's actually pretty fun.

What is it? It's a Diablo clone based on Marvel Superheroes. Which hero you pick is your class. Each has a unique skill tree and a unique set of items just for them, although most of the items follow the same pattern so they're not really unique, just a different icon because only a few heroes use a sword, for example. 99% of your drops will be for the hero you're playing.

The storyline is based on a series of chapters and hubs. Each chapter has a critical path to progress, and a bunch of optional missions that give you additional rewards, most commonly a 'reward box' with some random items and an Eternity Splinter. Eternity Splinters are important because they're how you unlock heroes beyond the first.

You can try out any hero up to level 10. This is maaaybe enough time to kind of get an idea of how much you'll like the hero. Maybe. It's also something like half an hour for any hero after the first. There are 49 heroes, and I didn't try very many of them because honestly I only recognize about half and most of the ones I recognized, I don't especially like.

I do like squirrels. They have a hero with squirrels. And more squirrels. Seriously -- two of Squirrel Girl's power trees are named 'Squirrels' and 'More Squirrels'. Also, they're not really trees. They're more like buckets that you pick things out of at random. Power heaps?

Unlimited free respecs! Yay! Also, 100% necessary because of the way your equipment gives you bonus powers and points in powers at random.

Being a diablo clone, you get to face RIDICULOUSLY HUGE PILES OF ENEMIES. Swarms of enemies. It's pretty crazy. Each enemy is pretty weak, though, unless...

Well, unless you don't stop to do something other than story missions and walk into chapter 7 at level 34. They made a VERY QUESTIONABLE DECISION to give you LESS XP if you fight something too strong for you. And also to not put anywhere what the recommended levels for the chapters are. Most guides suggest being level 37 or so going into chapter 7, and coming out at 44. I went in at 34 and came out at 35 because I got basically no xp for anything. Also, it was really hard and I died a lot because the bosses could one-shot me and the swarms of enemies were actually doing damage for once.

Fortunately, there are terminal missions which take levels from the story and adjust them to your hero at multiple difficulty levels and let you replay them for xp and special loot. So I'll probably be doing some of that for a while. That and the 'patrol' areas which have no storyline, but do have frequent zone events (like, every five minutes) where you get together and take down a huge powerful boss.

So, yes. You get to pick one hero to unlock past level 10 for free, and I picked Squirrel Girl because she's the most powerful (not really) and also has squirrels and more squirrels (her third tree is about her kicking people in the nuts). Also, she's optimistic and cute.

You also get 400 free eternity shards, which you can use to buy a 'team up' or pet or to unlock an additional hero (or two of the cheap ones). Instead, I bought 'random hero unlock' boxes which are cheaper than even the cheap heroes, and got Mr. Fantastic and Silver Surfer.

Mr. Fantastic is not as good as Squirrel Girl. Yes, he can punch all the way across the screen... with his weak punch that does nothing. All his stronger attacks are really short range. He's also not as cute, but at least he's optimistic?

Silver Surfer is powerful, but OH MY GOD THE ANGST. SO MUCH ANGST. Angst and Condescension. And self-doubt. Among his characterization are such diverse elements as angst, condescension, self-doubt, and an unwavering fear of Galactus.


But I played them both up to level 20 or so to get some more eternity splinters, and collected enough to get a third random hero box, out of which popped... Magneto.


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Friday, July 31st, 2015
8:41 am
Windows 10 HORROR
I work for Microsoft. This is probably the only reason that I clicked 'yes, get windows 10' in their stupid app. My normal policy is never to upgrade the OS in a system that's currently working. Even if the computer isn't working because the OS is too old or whatever, I'd usually rather get a replacement since that usually means that it's *really old*.

Anyway, last night it installed itself, and for a while I thought it had bricked my desktop. Luckily, I had an iPad, so I was able to search for 'windows 10 upgrade black screen' and similar things and find a huge number of solutions, most of which were completely inapplicable because they assumed you could somehow change system settings while your computer was frozen at a black screen.

One of them told me how to get to safe mode, though -- I had to pull out the plug and reboot three times in a row, and then it would bring up the boot repair options.

In safe mode, I could see the screen, but I couldn't run any apps, which meant in particular that I couldn't run the update app which would let me revert to windows 8.1. I couldn't even run the start menu! I could run the old control panel, though, and IE to do more web searches, and I found someone with my exact machine who'd somehow figured out how to fix the problem -- I needed to disable my unused onboard display adapter.

That worked. Slowly. It still booted to a black screen, but this time it eventually actually booted for real after a while. And not in safe mode!

Then, I started getting the error messages from all the stuff I had installed. Including Steam, which couldn't find the network. 99% of my games are in Steam, and that's something like 75% of what I do with this computer.

At this point, it was 4am, but I clicked 'revert to windows 8.1' anyway. And it worked!

...except that now the first thing it wants to do in windows update is install windows 10, and it's downloading it even though I said 'don't automatically download updates' and unchecked 'update to windows 10' and clicked 'stop downloading' (the stop downloading button, when clicked, disables the stop downloading button but has no other effect).

This is the second try to cancel it. The first try corrupted my windows update database and it needed to be repaired.

It looks like I might have avoided re-upgrading against my will by declining the EULA, though. It's 'cleaning up files' with only an indeterminate progress bar, and in the background windows update is still refusing to show anything but the windows 10 upgrade.

Jesus fucking Christ. x.x

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Sunday, July 12th, 2015
3:42 pm
Luna's Imaginary Friend
On this week's episode of My Little Pony, nothing happens. Most of the cast sleep through the entire episode.

spoilersCollapse )

So, yeah, just some quibbles. Overall, though, it just didn't gel into something awesome -- the pieces were neat but fit together awkwardly. I'll give it 2/3.

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