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So, I need to print out my tax forms for my records. The printer at work has been broken since January, so I decided I'd finally get a replacement for my old printer, which broke.

Oh look! All the printers now support wireless access! Cool!

...yeah, except that it doesn't actually fucking work. The printer's connected to the network. I can go to my computer and type in its IP and see its default status web page, but the printer setup program 'can't find' it. "Check you network settings!" "Check them again!" Endless loop of useless fucking shit.

I tried switching to using an ethernet cable from the router to the printer, but that didn't help.

...oh, and I can *fax* things through the printer. It's definately being seen by my computer in general, just not as a fucking printer. ARGHFUCKINGSHITTYFUCKINFEPSONFUCKYOUFUCKFUCKFUCK!
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