Pride and Greed

Yeah, I forgot a session again.

Well, that's not quite true. I didn't forget, I remembered several times, but when I went to actually write it down it was like 'meh'. So anyway, the next two sessions:

We accidentally raided Pride and accidentally rescued the people in GreedCollapse )

We stopped there because basically everyone had had to leave at that point. Actually, a ways before that point. v.v


Lust and Gluttony

So... I forgot a session again, damn it. So -- here's a brief recap of the last two session of the Pathfinder campaign.

TLDR; We raided Lust and GluttonyCollapse )

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Phoof: "Why isn't anyone else sad that Elyssie is dead?"
Kaito: "I'm sure we'll find a way to bring her back. Just maybe not in here."
Zeddicus: "Sorry for not being a real cleric, but I wanted to play a *fun* character."
Altei: "Does this mean she'll have to play one of the succubi now?"

Champion of Wrath

Saturday we played more Pathfinder, continuing on through the Runeforge.

And just barely getting through one wing out of seven.Collapse )

Afterwards, we looked at our options and apparently there's no way to cure insanity without a high-level cleric or an even higher level wizard -- bards, paladins, and magi don't count. We did find a scroll of Limited Wish that should work, but it sucks to have to use it up on something like this.

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No Rest for the Wicked

Apparently I forgot to log the last session again, so this is two sessions' worth, although honestly nothing much happened between the two of them since they were both spent entirely in combat rounds.

Even the parts that as far as the party knew weren't in combat.Collapse )

The takeaway from this session was:
(a) being woken up in the middle of the night sucks, although in a dungeon you sort of have to expect it
(b) trying to coordinate a party of eight invisible people as they sneak past a patrol four times faster than them is both tedious and frustrating
(c) Enemies getting infinite duration round/level spells is also kind of frustrating -- I'm pretty sure their haste and displacement spells lasted at least five minutes.

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