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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, September 14th, 2002

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It wasn't too long ago that I told chahala that livejournals were stupid and useless. I'm not sure I've changed my mind about that, but I decided to get one anyway. Maybe I can list in explicit detail the everyday events of my life, and prove to everyone that *I* am the most inane?

Today was the Seattle Mob RPGA game-day. I had to drive all the way to Seattle (Across a bridge! A half hour drive!) and pay $5 for parking (actually, there's ambiguously free parking nearby, but I don't feel safe, although today I noticed that technically I parked in the space for 12 hours and it was only good for 10) so that I can play canned dungeons and dragons modules with people I don't know.

Although I'm getting to know more and more of them, as time goes on.

I wanted to play Living Force, which is Star Wars roleplaying (using, essentially, DnD rules, particularly in the revised version which the RPGA is using now -- a transparent ploy to force LF players to buy the revised player's handbook) but the GM flaked out. Something about his uncle dying. I could go off on a tangent here about how I don't like people caring about their relatives dying, but that'd just make me look evil, so I won't.

So, anyway, I was forced to play 'Living City', which ONCE AGAIN was Mr. Adventurer, PI, although at least this time we actually managed to follow the (lame) clues and beat up the bad guys. It wasn't a balanced table -- 2 level 12s, 2 level 8s, and 2 level 4s. I was one of the level 4s, and took out one of the four enemies in the final battle all by myself. NOT. I didn't do any damage to him, but I kept him busy with my animal companions until the rest of the fight was over, which is about the same thing when you've got 12th level friends standing by. The noise was unbearable, though -- all through the module I was straining to hear what was going on, and mostly failing, which led to me chatting with the other people at my end of the table about how we couldn't hear, and how I might as well have brought my laptop. But the combats were fun, which... well, it didn't make up for the other FOUR HOURS. Once again, Living City gets really low marks.

The second slot was Living Greyhawk, which, in theory, is about the same thing as Living City except (a) characters level up more slowly, (b) gold is scarcer, (c) the world is less safe, etc. The adventure this time was just NEAT. I don't want to give spoilers, but we invaded a demi-plane, were barraged by scary traps and constructs, ran away, AND THE MODULE HANDLED IT. Apparently, running away was such an appropriate response (our employer had told us to scout, not to conquer) that the module was set up to deal with us refusing to take the leap of faith past the point of no return (once we'd run out of ropes).

I don't know why those goblins were AC 20 (about the same as a warrior in full plate with a shield... they were wearing loin cloths), but my wolf took out 3 all on his own (while I was running away, under the influence of my character Rakk's favorite spell, Cause Fear), so it's okay

Um, no, he didn't cast it on himself. He was pre-empted by an uppity NPC thingie.

Tomorrow was supposed to be Tom's game, where we're playing Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (in what to him is a distressingly straightforward manner), but it's cancelled for one of the player's birthday parties. I think I'll go to the Sunday movie gathering instead. Because I couldn't think of a present to get.

Now... well, ugh, it's late already. I guess I'll look at web sites and maybe go on Spindizzy. RPGs are fun, but they eat up the weekend. v.v

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