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Terrycloth's Journal
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Monday, September 16th, 2002

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Cassette Purgatory
Just got to work, so it's time to put off working until after lunch. I eat lunch early, so it's not as bad as it might sound.

Today I brought in four new cassettes to add to the rotation, to replace those sadly fallen to age or devoured by my tape player. Tori Amos 'Under the Pink', REM 'Eponymous/Dead Letter Office', They Might Be Giants 'Lincoln/Misc. T', and The Cure 'Japanese Whispers/The Top'. They're replacing Moody Blues 'Sur la Mer', Sting 'Dream of the Blue Turtles/Soul Cages', and Indigo Girls 'Shaming of the Sun', none of which work properly anymore.

I've got about a hundred tapes in the rotation at work, and another hundred at home, so it'll be a while before I run out, but it *is* just a matter of time. Hopefully something smaller will have replaced CDs by the time I need to switch.

Current Mood: awake
Begging god to smite me...
It's Yom Kippur, and not only am I not fasting, but I'm eating cream-cheese spread topped with shrimp cocktail, which has to be about the least kosher thing in existance. So this'll probably be my last update.

Current Mood: amused
Oh what tangled webs we weave...
...I should have just TOLD them I don't want to play on Sundays. Well, it's too late now.

See, I have this group that plays World Tree online on Wednesdays. And it's kind of fun, although it's a pain playing online -- people are slow (probably multitasking) and interaction is kind of limited... no visual aids or battle-mat, for instance, and rolling lots of dice (World Tree needs lots of dice) is spammy.

Now, sort of against my will, I've been elected as the game-master. The dungeon crawl (the same one I'd run for chahala only souped up a bit) was only supposed to take one session, and then someone else would take over the week after. But online slowness and the alterations I'd added to make it suitable for five people instead of one meant that it took two sessions before they even really got to a big fight... and that they LOST. So for the past few weeks they've been building up their courage to try again.

But, in the meantime, a new player who joined and one of the existing players (Loxley, the former GM who got too burned out when he lost his job) decided that they'd really rather play on Sunday. So I told them 'no, I've got a game on Sundays'. Silverspray said the same.

However, it turned out both of us were only playing every *other* Sunday, and Silverspray thought his group might be able to switch. I wasn't really all that happy about having *every* Sunday taken up with role-playing, but I figured Silverspray's friends would probably say no, and kept quiet.

They said 'yes', of course. That's part one.

At the same time, I knew I was just about finished with this adventure, and then it would be someone else's turn to run it, and I thought that since there were two wednesdays before the first scheduled Sunday game, it'd all be over by then... and there were these people running a one-time Dragonstar game all weekend the 22nd... so I signed up for Dragonstar, and sent a message to the World Tree group saying that I wouldn't be able to play the 22nd.

I'm thinking my message didn't get through, or something... either not through e-mail or not through their THICK SKULLS, because no everyone's skipping the Wednesday games and looking forwards to playing on the 22nd. When I can't be there. That's part two.

Usually, I like to keep my promises by letting whatever I committed to first take precedence... but at this point it'd be awkward either way. And I'll probably never get another chance to play Dragonstar.

So if they didn't see my message, they can bite me. And if it ends up destroying the whole World Tree group... well, it was a cheesy online game anyway.

Don't play RPGs online. It's not worth it.

Current Mood: pensive
I think I'm going to start regretting adding people to my friends list soon... but maybe not.

Current Mood: uncomfortable

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