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Terrycloth's Journal
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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002

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Yay! I finished Icewind Dale 2! I finished it last night, actually, but it was 3am so I wasn't about to boot up the computer with net access to make a note about it right then. I can't figure out how to enter 'Heart of Fury' mode, though, which means that I'm pretty much done with it, and need to find a new game to play.

I'm looking forwards to 'Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus', but what's in the PS2 now is 'Stitch: Experiment 626'. It's pretty fun, but *hard*, at least if you want to get all the DNA and squid-bots. Infinite lives means just getting through the levels is still doable. At least, so far. The controls are quirky at times, too.

Also, in the PC's CD drive is Mission Force: Cyberstorm, a REALLY OLD game, turn-based strategy based on Sierra's Mechwarrior ripoff Earthsiege. Still fun, though. Go fig.

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Warning: Long Post! (oops, it's too late)
Tonight was Lance's game... dungeons and dragons, more or less, with a bunch of house rules for his world. Most of them are various anthropomorphic races... I don't *think* he's a furry, but who knows? Even if he was he probably wouldn't know I am.

The party's got a dragon-man barbarian, a cat-woman monk, a spider-chick sorceress, and me, the 'useless blob'. I'm the rogue, I guess, although everyone else in the party also has rogue levels, and the fact that being an amorphous blob that can change shapes and has blindsight is enough to give me ECL+1 means that they don't have all that many fewer rogue levels than I do. SOMEHOW, I'm still alive -- the only one who hasn't died at least once, in fact, although this time it was close.

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