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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, September 18th, 2002

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Program management crushed test and development in the ping-pong tournament at work, although as the organizer Kris was forced to forfeit his prize, which'll go to 'Drew (my boss). I was eliminated weeks ago in my first two games, of course.

Was kind of fun to see all the spin they put on it. The ball, I mean.

Current Mood: lazy
I'm changing to kittens because the bouncing ferret head was giving me a headache. @.@

Current Mood: nauseated
Nope, no one on the WT MUCK, so we're probably not playing tonight. Oh, well, I guess I'm not really surprised.

Current Mood: grumpy
Well, the new fall TV season starts this week, and I haven't magically altered my cable box to allow it to change the channel at a given time, so I'm forced to go with plan 'no, this will never work'.

Basically, I can set to record Zoids and Hamtaro before I wake up in the morning, then, while I'm groggy and rushed on the way to work, change the channel to record Buffy and Firefly. Then, at night, change it back.

There's no reason for it not to work, except that, you know, I make mistakes, and I'm not always able to remember to have the VCR off to record... but like I said, I don't have a choice. I can't give up Hamtaro *or* Buffy. I just can't.

(and of course, it goes without saying that the two shows I want to watch during prime time are on while I'm busy... sigh)

Current Mood: annoyed

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