September 19th, 2002


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Hmm. Someone told me that Summoner 2 was out today, but it's not out 'till next Tuesday, apparently. So, while I was at the mall, I picked up a used copy of 'Frequency', which someone else had said was good.

It's not. Don't worry, you're safe, I don't remember who told me it didn't suck, so I can't exact revenge. This time.

There's no sense of... of RHYTHYM to it, and it's aggravating how you have to start with the stupid drums all the time, and how all the tracks keep cutting out at semi-random intervals, and how you have to rush from track to track trying to beat the next stanza, usually failing because of the liesurely pace of the spinner-thing.

It's not *terrible*... I mean, it's *playable*... technically... but Guitaroo Man is a million billion jillion times better. And has better music, too. That you can hear all of.
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