September 22nd, 2002


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Spent most of today -- all of today, actually -- playing 'Living Dragonstar', which is the RPGA campaign for Dragonstar, which is basically Dungeons and Dragons in space. I missed the first module Friday night, which meant I didn't get the 'trauma symbiont' in the beginning of the second module this morning, which meant that if anyone had actually hit me with a serious weapon during the four modules we played, I would have died. Fortunately, by using the 'Shield' spell and by religiously going prone and hiding behind the assorted crates scattered throughout the galaxy, I was able to stay un-fried.

For the most part, it was a lot of fun (although Module 5, the last we played today, was kind of lame). There were some... rules problems with Dragonstar that we ran into, though, dealing with low gravity (which 3 of the 4 we played in today were set in). The gravity was low enough that certain actions, like attacking with melee weapons or non-recoilless ranged weapons, required a nearly impossible freefall check to complete without spinning out of control. But... none of the enemies were remotely set up to cope with that! They were all using non-recoilless weapons or melee attacks, and didn't have any freefall skill, meaning that, during the one module where we used the freefall rules, most of the battles were spent picking helplessly spinning enemies out of the air with (recoilless) blaster fire, like shooting ducks in a barrel. The rogue even got to sneak attack them!

So we decided, for the other two mods, that they'd meant for the gravity in the modules to be 0.101 gravity instead of 0.1 gravity, which would have the same penalties but no freefall checks.

We're planning to play the last module tomorrow. Originally the plan was to play two tomorrow, but we made better time today than we expected.

When I went to finally go home, I found... well, not a ticket, but a notice on my car that I had to move it in 24 hours or it would be towed. It was parallel parked on the side of the street in the middle of a relatively dense residential area, with no signs or anything saying not to parallel park. The cops also left a message on my answering machine telling me they'd found my car 'abandoned' and asking if it had been stolen... apparently they could go to all that trouble, but couldn't walk the 20 feet to knock on the door of the house it was parked in front of to see if maybe I was in there.
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Killing Time

I'm either hungry, or sick to my stomach, but I can't tell which. This happens a lot.

The online World Tree game that was going to happen today that I couldn't make was cancelled anyway because the person running the servers decided to move them. Yay! Of course, they might have decided to move the computers after I mentioned I'd be gone. n.n

Also, it's comic book day again. I try to make it to the shop every two weeks, if I can. Sometimes I have to go more often, since the more obscure comics have to be special-ordered two months in advance, and the window to get the order form and turn it in is small. The shop's in Burien, so I'll stop on the way to the last Dragonstar module.

I'm in the mood to see a movie, but the only one out that I'd care to see is Spirited Away, and it's only showing in two theaters in Seattle. As a rule, I don't go to Seattle without a really good reason, and seeing a movie isn't good enough. Seattle's scary. O.O
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