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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

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Hmm. Looks like nikonraccoon was right. Summoner 2 was out today, and Sly Cooper wasn't. Another game, Dual Hearts, that sounded kind of interesting, was out, but not in, anymore. So I picked up Summoner 2 (since Lance's game was cancelled after all).

I'm not sure what to think about Summoner 2. It's nothing at all like the first game, but it isn't exactly *bad*. I don't really know where they get off calling it a sequel, is all.

Of course, I played the original on the PC, so the PS2 graphics look like total crap in comparison (because they're on a crappy TV). Why don't the 'current generation' consoles support VGA monitors? Do they just like sucking? Dreamcast vs. PS2 or even X-Box is totally night and day... and the Dreamcast wins because its graphics aren't sabotaged by being pumped into a crappy TV.

In other news, Buffy! Dawn in high school! Spike is nuts! Xander in a business suit! Willow and Giles peacing out in England! Hee hee hee. What can I say?

Best line:
Anya: "What is this, an intervention? Shouldn't all my demon friends be here?"
Other demon: "Honey... they are."

Current Mood: indifferent
Sigh. My car's getting worse. It doesn't overheat on the way to work (it's a two mile drive) but it's starting to if I go anywhere else, especially in heavy traffic, since it seems to be a function of time spent driving and not how hard I actually push the engine. It's still the 'momentary overheating followed by the cooling system kicking in' I was seeing before, but that can't be good for the engine. I'll have to get it fixed as soon as I can figure out where to take it -- NOT the dealer, I don't want to be carless for a week and then pay $1000 for the diagnosis, and have another three months to wait while they fix it -- and when I'll actually have time to do so.

Meanwhile, I'll be running the heater a lot, I guess, and hoping nothing actually catches fire.

Current Mood: annoyed
I just want to say that I'm feeling unreasonably jealous of sythyry for living in a world with dragons and magic and gods and the like.

On the other hand, zie's still in school, which I wouldn't go back to for any price.

Yes, I'm an escapist fool. So bite me.

Current Mood: jealous
This good weather is going to be the death of me.

See, on the way home from work, I need to turn left off a busy street into the parking lot of may apartment building, while cars approach at reckless speeds over the nearby crest of the hill and try to kill me. Normally, I can see them coming with enough time to decide whether to go or stay, but lately the sun has been hovering right on the top of the hill, making it almost impossible to look, let alone see.

I need Seattle's infamous overcast weather to roll in and save me, before my squinting, blinded glancing misses something large, metallic, and deadly.

Don't let my insurace agent see this.

Current Mood: happy

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