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Terrycloth's Journal
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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002

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Well, I finally took my car to the shop... I was too lazy to find a new mechanic, so instead I convinced myself that maybe this time the dealer wouldn't ream me up the ass. Seeing as they made me reserve an appointment a week in advance and bring the car in at 8:30 am, are charging me $90 to look at the car and figure out what's wrong with it, and after two hours haven't gotten around to calling and telling me what's up, I think I've made the wrong choice.

I hope it's fixed today, and doesn't cost more than a couple thousand dollars to replace the $5 part that's probably at fault. I *really* hope it's fixed by Saturday, since I kind of wanted to go to Conifur. <:3

Current Mood: anxious
Okay, the dealer got back with an estimate... four more hours and about $300 (to replace a $5 part that they already have in stock). So, not a disaster, at least. Assuming they actually fix the problem and don't break anything else.

Also, I'm a pigeon. I'm coo wit dat.Collapse )

Current Mood: okay
Got the car back, the estimate was accurate, no special problems, and it seems to be fixed. So that's over with, regardless of how good the outcome was, and I can stop thinking about it. I'm sure I'll stop nervously watching the heat gauge in a week or two.

Tonight was Lance's game, again. We got showered with (relatively modest) gifts from the gods, and charged with an immediate mission, and, should we choose to accept it, a long-term task. Then we went in and kicked some sticky-guy butt.

game summary...Collapse )

Current Mood: satisfied

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