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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

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I think it's time for an inane rant before I sink into torpor...
One of the greatest scourges facing our country today is the cafeteria chain Eurest. I swear, they're weasel incarnate.

I mean, the food isn't really *bad*, overall, but they keep raising the price and reducing the portions. The fries, for example, which probably cost them 39 cents for a ten pound bag, were always a dollar, but now a dollar gets you a rigorously measured tiny cup full of fries, and if you want anything like what you used to get you need to buy *large* fries for $1.50. And pizza is, like, $2.25 a slice!

Note that none of these prices are *posted*, you just find out when you get to the counter and your lunch is like $8.25. Even when they do post a price, they like to put a display under it of some super-deluxe version with extra side orders (at $1 each) to trick you into thinking you can order two sides when the posted price (at least, according to the cashier) only refers to one. Or, you'll ask the servers whether the pasta that comes with the beef stroganoff counts as a side, then have to take their answer and argue with the damn cashier. They even tried to charge me for *cranberry sauce*, once!

More disturbing is the downsizing... they keep reducing the number of employees working there, usually ditching the most senior ones (who were best at actually making the food, but probably got paid the most) first. Some days, they'll have ONE person running the pasta bar, making pizzas, doing stir fry, *and* dishing out roast chicken. Usually they have two or three people covering those four stations, though, at least for now.

But the worst, most unforgivable transgression of Eurest against value and good taste is that they don't have avacado at the sandwich bar. I can never forgive them for that.

Current Mood: full
I thought I was getting a cold, but it looks like I was just freezing to death and needed to turn on the heater in my apartment. The power company sends a comparison of how much energy I use up each year compared to the year before, and I keep trying to beat my previous score. Apparently to the point where it's not exactly healthy.

Maybe I can sue? Eh, just kidding.

But what this means is that since I'm too cheap to heat my entire apartment, I'm forced to huddle in the one room that can be heated separately, away from Sly Cooper, Icewind Dale 2, and my other games. Which means I have nothing to do but eat! And, well, surf the web.

It's strange, but I no longer cringe at that term. Huh.

Current Mood: annoyed

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