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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

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The world... is rotten... v.v
Last night I think someone might have tried to mug me, right outside my apartment, but I'm not sure.

It was late, and I'm walking towards the outside door of the apartment building with some Taco Bell, and I see (a ways away) a guy wave to me, and ask, "Hey, man, can I borrow a cigarette?"

"Sorry," I said, not slowing down, because I really don't care about strangers, "I don't have any cigarettes."

But he kept coming, and asked, "Well, can I borrow a taco?" I ignored him, although I found the question extremely suspicious. "Hey, gangster, let me in!" he called, breaking into a jog as I unlocked the door and slipped through, letting it close behind me, just in time to keep him out. He pounded on the door, flipped me the finger, and shouted, "FUCK YOU!"

I don't suppose anyone has any idea as to what the fuck was up with that?

Current Mood: worried
Crazy, or deep, eh?
Iridium machines sitting on justified entryways are like opalescent underground scenery. Our focus produces every other possible linear entry. Who has our cynical attachment now? Definately override the horrible elementary nonexistance of negative space. Effectively quantify unending iteration to orient relative time. Have I not given god remorse and cancer? Even filthy ugly lions like you.

Current Mood: weird

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