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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, October 5th, 2002

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Weasels, and werewolves, and... whatever.
I drove down to Tacoma for Conifur today, and I think this might be the last year I go to that con. I'm not sure what there is that I'm not getting out of it, but I'm not getting *anything* out of it, so there must be something I'm missing, right?

The new hotel (for this year at least) was in downtown Tacoma. There were directions on the website, which seemed simple:

(a) Go down I-5 to I-705
(b) Take I-705 to SE 15th.
(c) Drive down SE 15th to hotel.

Unfortunately, I got lost at step (b), when 705 split into four lanes, all 'exit only', and none of them the exit I was looking for. I must have picked the very worst one, because it took at least a half hour of wandering around through the disjointed maze of streets that is Tacoma to find the hotel. But I found it, and went in, and...

...well, the first thing was the dealer's den, of course. The last three times I'd gone to Conifur there'd been new old furry comics that I didn't have to pick up, which at least somewhat justified coming all the way down, but not this time. Maybe I didn't look all that hard, or maybe it was just that there seemed to be fewer offered in the first place, but there was nothing. I bought a cute sort-of-laminated picture of a ferret with a bunch of marshmallows, that sort of fit me, and a crappy low-budget comic-zine that I at least hadn't seen before (although flipping through it afterwards made me cringe, it was so awful), and a bright orange shirt with eyes and whiskers that was, beyond a doubt, the COOLEST thing at the entire con. I swear, half the people in the room were wearing that shirt.

I also spent some time looking at all the ferrets (there were cages and cages of them, more than a dozen woozles in all), and met a few people that I already knew... Lazar, and Snowy, and Murdock from the Friday game (all working various posts at the con and too busy to hang out with), jurann and Wyvern that I've met a couple times at the Sunday gathering that I can never seem to find time for, and... er... I think that's it.

I did the rounds of the art show, and the video room (showing Simba the White Lion... ugh, crap, lion king much better), and the game room, and while wandering in circles for the second time within two hours of arriving, managed to strike up a conversation with a random person I didn't know, which led to a Werewolf game.

Which reminded me HOW MUCH and WHY I hate White Wolf. I could probably write a whole rant just on that game, but you know... meh.

Actually, one scene illustrates what made me want to rip everyone's throat out:
Me: "Okay, we need to find these missing children. Maybe we could talk to the parents and see if they know anything about what happened to their kids? Pretend to be authority figures?"

[everyone laughs]
Other player: "No, that would arouse suspicion. And the FBI is investigating the same case, so we might run into them."

Me: "Well, could we ask the police what evidence they've collected? That guy over there [point to different player] is supposedly a cop, so he could say he's investigating on behalf of his division."

[everyone laughs]
Cop player: "I don't think so... it's too risky to let the police know we're investigating at all. They might get suspicious, and start investigating us, and then they'd discover the pack and everything and that would be bad."

Me [growling] "Fine, let's BREAK INTO the police station, steal uniforms and badges, and then talk to the parents using that disguise."

[everyone laughs, although at least this time it was a joke]

Me [sighing] "Okay, the kids were all from the school, and disappeared just after school but before getting home, so I'll walk around the neighborhood and look for anything out of the ordinary. I assume I can walk down the street in human form without arousing suspicion?"

GM: "Sure, if you want to get picked up by a truant officer."

So, when the entire group took a short break to get dinner, and the fricking DM bought a ticket to the ice cream social from a scalper, I decided that enough was enough and went home.

Screw Conifur.
And especially screw Whitewolf.

Current Mood: disappointed

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