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Terrycloth's Journal
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Sunday, October 6th, 2002

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I had a dream... and it was a particlarly coherent one, that I mostly remember because I just woke up. So I'll post it before I forget it.

It's about the gods...Collapse )

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Voyage to the Top of the Tower
The intrepid band of adventurers advanced on the tower on the edge of the verticals in Treverre Menes, resolved that this time they would put an end to the reign of terror of the small scawn tribe, which had fought them off a few days ago. The band consisted of:

Andariel, the nominal leader, also known (in zir own self-deprecating mind, at least) as the world's ugliest zi-ri. Zie was a student of Hellestew, a mage of considerable talent, but limited experience, and a bitter, bossy little lizard.

Brranerr, a Sleeth of house Halyn. A healer by trade, who occasionally dabbled in ripping scawn to bloody shreds with his claws and teeth. Andariel's assigned friend, a pairing arranged by their parents (adoptive in Brranerr's case) that both had grown accustomed to.

Chavarrh, a Sleeth of the wild, huge, and reticent, and quite deadly. And a bit greedy.

Kappa, a Rassimel wizard of locador, among other things, who tended to swear by "Here" without meaning it to be an epithet.

Ixichitl, a Herethroy mercenary, known for going unconscious, or bouncing, or both in every combat he'd ever been in. Rejecting a share of the treasure, Ixichitl had insisted that he be paid up front, in terch. It was assumed that he'd not noticed that Andariel wasn't offering lozen, his brain being somewhat scattered from his frequent mishaps.

Alexes, a Cani mercenary, and Ixichitl's companion, in arms if nothing else, although she and the Herethroy had travelled together for a long time. A renowned itchy venom magnet.

The battle was carried out using the simplest of plans -- Brranerr levitated the group (or at least, the primes who couldn't fly) to the hole in the top of the tower where the scawn typically flew in and out, whereupon Ixichitl, Alexei, and Chavarrh leaped into battle, while the mages offered support, healing, fire flowers, and (in Kappa's case) pre-emptive looting. It was a most decidedly non-epic affair, with all parties to the conflict relying heavily on improvisation, energy, and insanely risky techniques for attack and defense, but somehow, thanks to the tireless effort of the healer, the party of adventurers were victorious over the scawn...

Only to discover that the two leaders of the so-called scawn were really Cani in disguise! The surviving Cani surrendered, and Brranerr resurrected his mate with a quick Spirit Reunion, but while the terms of surrender were being discussed, movement was heard down below.

Ixichitl, having recovered from the concussion he'd suffered in the initial attack, leapt into the darkness, and was promptly put to sleep by a villanous mentador spell. Alexis, after getting a Sleeth Eyes spell so as to be able to see in the dark, followed him down, and leapt for the sneaky cani lurking in the darkness, skewering him on her blade as he knocked himself unconscious with an ill-thought out parry.

Thanks to the wonders of bound magic, the battle wasn't over as quickly as that, but after a flurry of activity and wasted cley, the third cani was subdued, and it was time to decide what to do with the prisoners, and to search for loot to be claimed.

However, the Cani told their side of the story, which made them out to be villains, after a fashion, but hardly deserving of the wholesale slaughter the villagers had visited upon their kin. And while the testimony of the accused is hardly airtight evidence of innocence, it was enough to convince the adventurers that perhaps they should not be the ones to slaughter these primes, or rob them of their possessions.

So, victorious, in a manner of speaking, the party headed home, to divide up their spoil, leaving the ex-scawn to their own devices.

next session (return to the voyage to the bottom of the tree)

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