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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, October 10th, 2002

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I wanted to post something about politics, but it's too much work to articulate without sounding arrogant and callous. That is, I'm not good at lying. }:)

GWB is still the antichrist, though, even though I'm a hawk. I'm more worried about what he's doing domestically than about his foreign policy, because the rest of the world (outside the United States, and Canada, and Europe, and maybe Japan and Australia, and possibly a few other places I can't think of, but NOT anywhere in the middle east including Israel for the past year or so, and NOT Mexico or Russia or China) is corrupt and needs a good bombing.

I'm most worried that he'll turn the United States into someplace that needs bombing. I mean, I know that it's unlikely to actually *happen* (the bombing, that is, not the turning), but in order to achieve happiness you must be worthy of happiness, above all else.

God, I fucking hate politics. It's the only subject that makes me seriously consider learning how to use a gun.

Current Mood: infuriated
Family Matters
My sister and her husband moved into the Seattle area a little while ago, and after asking me if they could crash at my place (no, because I can't have pets) and if I'd help them move in (sure, if it'll fit my schedule) I haven't heard a thing from them. You'd think they'd at least give me some contact info.

Maybe they're mad because I wasn't much help to them? Or maybe they're just busy and don't actually have an address yet (I think they were staying at some hotel). Or maybe they're dead on the side of the road somewhere.

I also haven't heard from my mother since I gave her the URL to this journal, which offers a fourth possibility. }:) Although it's kind of normal not to hear from her for months at a time... we're quiet folk. -.-

Current Mood: confused

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