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Terrycloth's Journal
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Monday, October 14th, 2002

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I've been sick for nearly a week now, so why can't I stay home and rest?

The short answer is that when it's time for me to make the decision whether or not to stay home, I feel fine. In the morning, after my shower, I don't feel particularly sick... which means I'd feel kind of cheesy staying home from work (or whatever) because I've got a cold. As the day goes on, I get worse and worse, but I don't really feel totally wiped out until it's after work and I'd normally be relaxing and doing things I enjoy.

This is the same pattern colds have always followed for me for years and years and years. It's like a conspiracy between my employer and the viruses that infect me to cause maximum misery.

At least I have an excuse to dope myself up on ibuprofen. @.@

Current Mood: annoyed
Hack (and Slash) Writer
I'm thinking of abandoning my last writing project, that had sort of bogged down and was in the process of going nowhere, and starting a new one based on the World Tree (RPG). Well, I mean, I already started it, but I'm thinking of 'officially' abandoning the last attempt and making this one the active project, where by 'active' I mean 'the thing I work on once every couple months'.

The idea is, the old one sort of sucked because the magical powers of the characters were sort of central to the story, and weren't very well defined at all. If I use a predefined magic system, I might be able to avoid that particular issue, at least. And Dungeons and Dragons has so been done.

So of course, the first step, after writing the initial introductory chapter that sets the background, is to roll up stats for the main characters. Which brings me to consider the possibility that I don't really want to start a new writing project, I just want to roll up a bunch of characters for the sheer spreadsheety goodness of the procedure... like with the story I was going to write with characters whose histories were based on random FUZION lifepath rolls...

No, this time I'm serious. And to prove it I'll actually write the chapter where each character is introduced before moving on to define the next. I swear!

Current Mood: creative

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