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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, October 16th, 2002

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Happy... whatever.
Well, since it was my birthday today, I decided to stay home from work and rest, to celebrate. Of course, I've still got a cold, so I woke up feeling quite miserable, to the point where I had to wonder if I'd have gone into work anyway... or if, if I'd been planning to go into work, I would have felt better, since the previously mentioned malicious timing of my cold's symptoms has actually been paying attention to things like weekends.

Luckily, a little after noon, I dozed off on the couch for a few minutes waiting for the pizza to arrive ($21 for a single pizza! What the hell?) and woke up (as the pizza man rang me up to ask to be buzzed in) feeling great. Perfectly awake and alert, clearheaded, without any sign of a headache or even a runny nose...

Completely inexplicable, but I'll take it. Even if the cold is slowly creeping back up on me as I write this.

Other than eating pizza and sleeping, I also did a little shopping and some writing. I've got two parts of the previously mentioned writing project done, although each part is only a couple pages long. I was never any good at making actual chapter-length chapters.

Part 0
Part 1

Current Mood: awake

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