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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, October 17th, 2002

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I hate the environment. I want to blow it up. Unfortunately, we still need it. But several emerging technologies could fix that. Fusion power, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering, once developed to some reasonable fraction of their potential, should give us the ability to build a truly closed system that doesn't rely on the outside for anything but a small intake of simple raw materials, and maybe a place to dump waste heat.

Of course, it'll probably take at least fifty years to reach that point, and that's being generous. In reality they'll all be banned before they get off the gound, if things keep going like they've been. Or just as bad, they *won't* be banned and some asshole terrorist will destroy the world with them.

And so we're stuck with the goddamn environment, because we can't trust people. I hate people. I want to blow them all up. }:)

Current Mood: pessimistic

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