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Terrycloth's Journal
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Friday, October 18th, 2002

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I wanted to get into work early today so that I could check in before anyone else got a chance... but apparently I wanted to finish reading the last few chapters of 'Field of Dishonor' more, because I got in most decidedly not-early and someone else checked in ahead of me, which means I have to go through the whole 'merging' nonsense. What a pain!

Current Mood: annoyed
It's quiet... too quiet
For some reason, it's been a reeeeally quiet day at work. Not quiet as in 'no customers', since we don't have customers (that is, we're developers and testers and stuff like that, so we never see our customers except in angry beta-list e-mail), but quiet as in 'no employees'.

I checked my watch twice, and it's Friday, not Saturday, and still before 6pm when most people normally leave. So they should be here.

Now, there was a 'going away' party at Azteca at noon or so (that I missed the beginning of because I was busy checking stuff in) that a lot of people were at, and for the first few hours I assumed that was the culprit, but it's like 5pm now and they can't *still* be drinking Margaritas.

So, either they all decided after lunch that since it was already 2pm they might as well all go home, since the day was virtually over -- I've see this done as early as 4pm, but usually only when we're way offsite, not down the street at Azteca -- or they're all at some other party/thing that I totally forgot about, or they're all home sick, or there's some sort of holiday I forgot coming up...

...or something. But it's probably something that means they're having fun, and I hate the thought of other people having a good time when I'm not. }:)

Current Mood: jealous

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