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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, October 19th, 2002

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Phoning it in from the Future
Tonight was Lazar's cyberpunk game, and it was kind of a low-key session. Halfway through Sandy asked him if he'd remembered to take his medication, and of course he hadn't, plus (like me and everyone else) he'd been and still was sick, so it's not completely surprising that it didn't go too well.

It wasn't a disaster or anything, but not much really happened, and worse - what did happen happened without complications.

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Current Mood: groggy
The power went out. To *half* my apartment. The front half. I don't use much from that half, 'cept the TV, and the CD player, and the fridge.

I have ice-cream sandwiches in the fridge, which I started eating *just in case*. Now I'm bloated, and I still have ice-cream sandwiches.

Earlier today I saw 'The Ring', which isn't really very scary, but requires you to tell all your friends that it's wonderful and awesome and terrifying, under pain of death, thus explaining the good reviews. Well, to hell with that. Don't go see it. And if I die mysteriously exactly a week from now... really don't go see it. O.O

Current Mood: full

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