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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, October 24th, 2002

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Frank Black makes me want to dance. And I can't dance. I have a private office, though, so I can bounce around like an idiot and nobody can see.

He's, like so uncool. Isn't it dreamy?

Actually, he made me want to dance even when he was in the Pixies and still cool.

Current Mood: bouncy
I bought some magic cards today. It's silly, I play so rarely, but the recent expansion really pushes 'theme' decks and I kind of needed them to make the themes work. I spent all of like $7.00, but I still feel all guilty. detailsCollapse )

I'm also steadily working my way through the black forest cake. I was afraid I wasn't going to eat it all... now I'm kind of afraid that I might. Maybe I should stop home on the way to Lazar's game tomorrow and bring it with me for dessert. Or maybe not... it's pretty tasty, despite being made from cheap ingredients.

Current Mood: guilty

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