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Terrycloth's Journal
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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

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Tonight was Tom's game, playing Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. We fought some stuff, and some more stuff, and some more stuff, and some MORE stuff, and then ran away.

game summary, contains spoilersCollapse )

Current Mood: satisfied
Sigh... this has been a very normal weekend. Other than Tom's game today, and the comic shop and a movie yesterday, I haven't really done anything. I bummed around the house and read comics, and books, and played more Grandia X, which is still a decent game despite the aggravating, brain dead, malicious and malignant save point placement.

I did a little writing, although not as much as I wanted, and I don't quite like what I got, so I need to do a little more before posting it.

I also went to sleep before my computer could notice daylight savings time, so I showed up an hour early to the game today. Spent the hour playing Buffy on Tom's big screen HDTV. It's about 20 FOOT diagonal. That failed to make the 'pick up the stake the vampire knocked out of your hand, which leaves you momentarily helpless, during which time the vampire hits you and makes you drop your stake' gameplay less frustrating.

I also didn't like how the 'check to see if this glowing thing on the wall is really a switch' button was the same as the 'smash stack against wall, breaking it' button. Or the extremely accurate placement required to successfully use the stake-the-vampire maneuver. No, Buffy... don't stake the air over the prone vampire, stake the VAMPIRE. No, not the wall, the vampire... sigh...

Current Mood: complacent

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