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Terrycloth's Journal
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Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

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Lance, the GM in the game that's happening later today, noticed that Ozzie was kind of useless, and offered me the opportunity to replace him, so I'm doing that. A wizard this time -- there's another spellcaster in the group, but unlike rogues, wizards stack. We'll see how well it works.
Super Munchkin Powers, ACTIVATE
Okay. Through repeated munging of numbers I've got a conjurer spelljammer with 18 int and con (con is as important as int for wizzies under the house rules we're using) bonded to a tok'ra cleric with more average stats (16 wis, 15 cha). The cleric has war and travel domains, and the favored weapon of the Toa is the light-saber. Sorry, the soul-blade.

This gives me the ability to summon an unprecedented number of celestial badgers -- up to 21 of them, if I'm lucky with the d3 rolls. Although I'd be better off playing it safe and using summon monster I, which'd give me 17 badgers. Of course, they only last 1 or 4 rounds each, so I can't really build up an overwhelming badger army, but I guess I can settle for using the ship's spell crystal to summon GIANT CELESTIAL SPACE BADGERS.

Nya ha ha ha. This should be... stupid. But that's okay.

Current Mood: predatory
Form of... a space wizard! Shape of... a cleric!
Tonight was Lance's game, in which I introduced my cheesy munchkiny wizard Rey to replace my useless blob Ozzie, and ended up being more of a liability than a help. Ozzie would have been less trouble because he would have done absolutely nothing the whole session.

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