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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

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The color of winter.
Thanks to daylight savings (and the latitude and season) it's dark when I get off work now. And it's strange how -- let's see if I can articulate this -- how the darkness makes everything seem black, even though (being a city) it's still brightly lit.

Maybe over the years I've managed to adjust to the horrible pinky-orange lighting everyone seems to use, so things just look washed out now instead of orange. I remember everything being orange. I don't really miss it.

But things don't look gray, either. Gray is Toledo in the winter during the day, when the salt from the roads crusts everything. Night time in Bellevue is black.

Hmm, I guess the answer is 'no'.

Current Mood: pensive
Yeah, I rambled on about colors, and forgot to include the *important* point. The night here reminds me of the Magic card 'Bad Moon', whose picture is just, in my opinion, the epitome of 'black'. I'd link to it but I can't seem to find a picture on the web... maybe I'll scan it.

It also makes anyone walking around at night look like a zombie.

Unrelated, a quiz that told me something I'd already worked out for myself...Collapse )

Current Mood: satisfied

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