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Terrycloth's Journal
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Friday, November 1st, 2002

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Enron II: Revenge of the Programmer
Last night I had a dream that, as a sort of artistic statement, I somehow convinced a massive multinational megacorporation to spend almost sixty thousand billion dollars (it was always broken down like that in the dream, $59K billion) setting up an essentially fake company doomed to failure.

The reason it was doomed to failure was that I, personally, in an afternoon, wrote all the software that the company would be using to do its business, in VB. As a result the programs were extremely quirky and 'evil', in the 'designed to make things difficut for no good reason' sense. Security was based on the hardware signature of the keyboard and mouse plugged into the computer, which was also the 'e-mail address' used to send messages to other people over the intranet.

It also had a really cool name, but I don't remember it. Halfway through I started calling it MegaHugeConglomCo, out of Suburban Jungle.

Anyway, I was all proud and stuff until I found out that (a) most of my friends had been hired by the new, doomed company, and were forced to use my horrible software, and (b) the doomed company had won the government contract to develop a cure for the deadly cumulative toxin saturating the atmosphere and killing everyone, in particular killing my stepfather. Then I was really embarassed.

Current Mood: amused
What I Did For Halloween
I didn't dress up in costume, I didn't pass out candy, not even at work where trick or treaters actually walked by, although they mostly just picked candy out of the bowls people left by their door so as to not have to be disturbed. We did have work to do.

I didn't go to the party set up in the cafeteria across the courtyard. I hate work parties.

I did show up to chahala's Halloween story circle on Spindizzy, and succeeded in destroying all life on earth, and making Guy Fawlkes very happy. It wasn't a very good story this year, but we finished it with four people still participating, and nobody got mad or started yelling.

Grrr. What's the synonym for 'ambivalent' in the mood listing? LJ has an awful lot of choices, but they never seem to have the ones I want to use.

Current Mood: okay
The 'public folders' are down, and crash Outlook if I try to look at them, but I keep automatically going to check them every time after reading my mail.

I don't think I can rely on conditioning to break me of this habit, since I couldn't do my work if I stopped doing things that made software crash.

Current Mood: irritated
Argh. Since the last entry I've crashed Outlook four times doing the same damn thing. Go me.Collapse )
Woo! Party!
Well, party anyway. Work party. Farwell party for someone I once knew and worked with (although not closely with), before he got really important and stuff and went into management. But at least I knew who he was and could say 'good luck', at least.

So, how did I do?
+ I played two games of pool, and won both (by my opponent self-destructing and sinking the 8-ball while ahead, both times).
+ I participated in no fewer than *3* conversations, relatively actively.
+ I only had one helping of food and didn't make out like a pig.
+ I consumed alcohol conspicuously.

- The above activities only took about an hour of the three hours I was trapped at the party. The rest of the time I wandered around, played video games, WATCHED people play video-games, or sat with my head on the table, half asleep.
- I had two pepsis and only one drink with alcohol in it, and I had to ask the bartender to recommend something because I don't know what any of the mixed drinks are called (I ended up having a 'Baseball Bat'. It wasn't too bad.)
- I mentioned gaming. Doh.

So, overall, I think... well, I survived. It's not like I have a good reputation to protect or anything anyway. God, I hate parties.

Current Mood: stressed

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