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Terrycloth's Journal
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Sunday, November 3rd, 2002

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We have to strengthen our knees...
Last night I went to a Badly Drawn Boy concert with Anna and Alex (my sister and her husband, who've moved to Seattle again recently). The band was about an hour and a half late, so we ended up spending 5 hours standing around. My knees were hating me quite vigorously, and my feet weren't entirely pleased either.

The concert was okay. The opening act (Adam Green) was as ludicrously bad as all opening acts seem to be from my limited experience (the last time I went to a concert was in college), sort of like They Might Be Giants -Music -Humor +Profanity.

Badly Drawn Boy was more amusing, and had an actual band, and they could actually play their instruments, although Damon couldn't sing. He stopped the concert for a minute or two just after starting a song a couple times to eat beef jerky or smoke a cigarette... once he got the audience clapping in time to some buildup type music, then put down his guitar and lit up and had a drink. Everyone laughed (and kept clapping in time), so I guess that's showmanship.

He also did about forty five minutes of 'this is my last song' and two rounds of 'goodbye, Seattle!', but I understand that's normal.

Current Mood: amused
Got an AOL screen name for AIM purposes... terrycloth3 because terrycloth was taken and at least it's the same as my yahoo id, as long as I have to remember a number. Yay.

Current Mood: apathetic
I am not depressed.
I'm just not a very enthusiastic person. This has been amply pointed out to me at work (in years past, not recently; my current lead's known me for years), where two of my leads expressed 'concern' at my lack of spirit. So I explained to them that I'm just not into big displays of positive emotion, but YES I was happy, and YES I cared about the project, and NO I was not looking for another job.

So, if I say that everything is dark and bleak, it just means that it strikes me that way. And while I'd be lying if I said that I'm an island with no connection to the outside world, my mood is not completely or even primarily dictated by my environment. There's beauty in desolation and emptiness... I think the most beautiful thing I've ever seen was a huge abandoned quarry, with evil-looking rusting machinery silhouetted in the setting sun on the far side like some dark lord's castle.

My mood is, in fact, mostly dictated by the amount of hassle life inflicts on me, which means that, by and large, I have two moods: 'annoyed' and 'content'.

And if I seem to be saying that humanity is not worth saving... well, isn't that the central premise of Christianity? Hmm. Two song quotes:Collapse )

But anyway, it doesn't matter if we're not worthy, everyone grades on a curve.

And I do want to blow up the world. More than anything. I don't particularly want it to be blown up afterwards, though, because that would kind of suck. I've just never felt that possibility should restrain your ambitions.

Current Mood: embarrassed

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