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Terrycloth's Journal
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Monday, November 4th, 2002

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In case twapa or elix notice me showing up out of the blue in 'friends of' and are wondering why I added them, it's because I follow Gloria's comic untitled. I'd be active... er, okay, I'd ocassionaly post on the forum there if technical difficulties didn't swallow every post I tried to make. Oh, and because I met Elix once on Furtoonia.

They also convinced me to listen to Electric Joy and Five Iron Frenzy, which are the two best of the last three bands I've started listening to (the third being Badly Drawn Boy as noted under 'knees', below).

And I'm posting this here instead of, say, commenting in their LJs because I wanted to plug untitled, EJ and FIF, of course.

Current Mood: peaceful
Experiment: Inconclusive
I almost forgot to note the results of the latest experiment.

Graham crackers become nice and soft remarkably quickly in hot tea, but aren't nearly as tasty as when dipped in milk. However, part of this might be that the tea was originally made to be drunk on its own, and had lots and lots of sugar in it, and the graham crackers were cinnamon and sugar crusted, which made the combination almost unbearably sweet.

I'll have to try unsweetened tea next time, although that sets me up for a very unpleasant experience if the crackers can't carry their weight. I think they're up to it, though.

Current Mood: quixotic

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