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Terrycloth's Journal
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Tuesday, November 5th, 2002

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Adventures in Voting
"Today is election day!" I realized as I slowed to make the turn into the parking garage at work. So I turned off the signal and kept driving. I hadn't looked at the voter's guide, because I hadn't re-registered at my new address yet, but Andrew from work had suggested that I go vote in my old district, at least on the national elections and the initiatives.

So I did. But it was gone.

I used to vote in the leasing office for my old apartment complex up in Redmond, before I moved, but it wasn't a voting center anymore. Or a leasing office. After a bit of searching, though, I found the new leasing office and fortunately someone there knew where to go to vote.

Unfortunately, they gave verbal directions. Highly inaccurate verbal directions, which if followed precisely would have led me all the way down to Issaquah. So, I started a search pattern based on the premise that only one of the steps was incorrect, and eventually managed to find the voting place.

And sure enough, I was allowed to vote, and they even had cards there to register a change of address, so next year I'll most likely get to go on another exciting search for the polling place in Bellevue.

But I had to leave most of the ballot blank, since I hadn't even looked at the voter's guide.

Current Mood: giggly
I uninstalled AIM because it made my computer freeze.


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