November 6th, 2002



Well, since AIM didn't work, I decided (after being harraunged by multiple people) to try Trillian. What a piece of crap.

First it crashed during the install process, after the wizard, without saving prefs. Then, once I finally got all the data re-entered piecemeal, it froze my MUCK client.

Hell with it. I don't even use instant messaging, and I've spent too much time screwing around with it.
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I don't have any more problems with Republican positions on issues that with Democratic positions, but the Republican party is basically the new mafia. And they aren't even particularly subtle about it.

And now, the looting can begin.

It's frustrating... I vote for Democrats because they're incompetent fools who won't do much damage and, even when they actually get their act together, tend to govern by opinion polls. But they're incompetent fools who try to campaign by opinion polls (instead of by appealing to the people who will actually vote for them with some sort of synthesized 'message', like the Republicans fabricate) and lose the election as a result.

Maybe I do need a gun.
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