November 8th, 2002



Edited to remove the ones obviously referring to the cloth... google thinks:

terrycloth is usually thought to be useful and decorative
terrycloth is extra absorbent and soft to baby's cheek
terrycloth is great for the hot summer days ahead
terrycloth is a favorite of sportwear/fashion lines
terrycloth is provided to wipe sweat
terrycloth is a good second choice
terrycloth is thick and quality
terrycloth is necessary
terrycloth is enhanced by a jacquard silk border with brown trim
terrycloth is free of any creases
terrycloth is to buff off that dead skin each time you bathe
terrycloth is da bomb
terrycloth is great for grabbing onto that runny breastfed poop
terrycloth is best
terrycloth is good
terrycloth is a dream come true
terrycloth is nice for the cats because they can really sink their claws deeply into it but its drawback is that it deteriorates pretty quickly
terrycloth is perfect
terrycloth is an amazing stimulator
terrycloth is a close second
terrycloth is the alivest feeling in the universe
terrycloth is not recommended for rats
terrycloth is one tough customer — on my lap when i filled capsules
terrycloth is a very good look for her
terrycloth is the skin and subcutaneous tissue
terrycloth is best for moping
terrycloth is the most opaque substance in the world
terrycloth is definitely in my department
terrycloth is wrapped so loosely she's décolletée
terrycloth is less popular in the kitchen than it is in the bath
terrycloth is an extremely flammable substance and was used in this experiment
terrycloth is going to hurt you
terrycloth is too bulky to take on the road
terrycloth is the most widely used in the oilfield
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Books on CD

Prognosis: Eh.

You can't read them on the toilet, so what good are they? On the other hand, you can read them while MUCKing. But on the other other hand, reading large amounts of text in another window isn't exactly condusive to active and responsive MUCKing. On the other other other hand, the MUCKs I've been on have been kind of extremely dead lately.

War of Honor by David Weber is out in hardcover, and it's got a CD in it with the entire series (including War of Honor itself) on it. This is like a dozen books. If I hadn't already bought basically the entire series as it was re-released, it'd have been a much better deal, but there were a couple I hadn't been able to find.

It's a neat series... not really *hard* scifi, but not pure space opera. They put some thought into the physics of the situation. I think I like Elizabeth Moon's suspiciously similar Familias Space books better, because they focus on a variety of characters instead of on just one person. And because of the fox hunting. You should read both, if you like that sort of thing.

But not on CD, unless you don't own any of them. The big-ass hardcover is probably cheaper than buying the entire series piecemeal.
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