November 9th, 2002


Screw you, Seattle!

I got a parking ticket, today, for parking by an expired meter, which is clearly marked 'monday through friday, 9am - 6pm'. I don't think it's worth fighting a $25 ticket, though... and to be fair the top of the mon-fri sign says 'metro transit only', so perhaps we were supposed to assume that the meter was in effect when the sign was not, despite the label on the reverse that says you have to pay 'during the marked hours'. And the reason I never got ticketed for parking there before was that this was a big game day for the University of Washington and parking was really tight, so unlike most nights they actually went out on the weekend to check.

Still, this means that I know precisely ZERO places to park in Seattle, instead of the one I thought I knew. I hate Seattle. I want to -- eh, you know.

Anyway, I was in seattle for the RPGA game day. We played a couple rounds of Living Force... my god, what idiot wrote these modules?

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Other things I forgot...

For lunch today I walked from the RPGA meeting at Cardhaus games to Jack in the Box, and was assaulted (nasally) by an extremely drunk homeless looking person asking for money for burgers. Like an idiot, I gave him some change, and was rewarded by his miasma of filth following me inside the restaurant to order.

It was an intensely embarassing wait for my food, since he kept wanting to thank me every time I accidentally met his eye. I hate gratitude. It makes me feel like a schmuck.

Anyway, there was a happy ending, as someone else apparently called 911, and an ambulance came by to haul him off. I'm not sure to where... he didn't look sick when they convinced him to go with them or anything. But presumably, whatever was wrong with him, they'll fix.

Also, the tiny plastic knob that turns one of my lamps on and off snapped, leaving the lamp stuck on. The knob was impossible to turn, even with tools. The plug was pinned to the wall by a dresser. The dresser was too heavy to move, and covered with zoids and transformers besides. So I tugged on the cord until the light stopped working. I hope I broke the cord and not the socket... I'll have to replace the lamp eventually.
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