November 10th, 2002



Tom's RttToEE game was cancelled today, so I decided to head to the Sunday Movie Gathering at Crossroads, for a lack of anything better to do. It turned out to be a lot of fun... people were talking and scritching and hugging and poking with sharp objects and attempting to crush and teasing and bothering all the church-group lunchers sitting near us with sudden displays of incomprehensible activity and teekachu was handing out free back rubs, and jurann didn't even seem that jealous. };)

We didn't end up actually seeing a movie, though... no one could agree on whether to see 'The Ring', or '8 Mile', or 'Ghost Ship', or 'Santa Clause 2', and eventually we noticed that we'd missed all of them. So we went to Illusionz and played DDR. I discovered that 3-feet is about my level... I can clear 4-feet, but only just barely, and I have to go sit down afterwards.

They had other video games, but they kind of sucked, although I always get a kick out of their rediculously easy version of Ms. Pac Man, where you go about twice as fast as the ghosts.

I ended up driving Nyssamephit to the ferry... I left about an hour travel time because I didn't know where it was, and I'm always leery about going into Seattle, but it was basically right off I-90 and we got there in 15 minutes. Oops. Sorry, Nyssa.
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