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Terrycloth's Journal
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Friday, November 15th, 2002

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http://www.thespark.com has some funny quizzes... took a bunch.

The personality test result was a bit of a surprise... but I've gotten similar strangely counterintuitive results on other tests from time to time. Sometimes on the same test that I got accurate-seeming results on on an earlier runthrough. I'm generally (on the tests that show % results) around 50% on all the parameters, so it can go either way.

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Current Mood: amused
The cafeteria here at work has been serving things that they claim are venison or buffalo for an inflated price... I'm not *sure* whether they're telling the truth or not. They don't taste quite normal, but they do taste rather heavily spiced, and they're definately inside the 'beef' range.

But hey, whatever. I'm willing to spend an extra $2 a day on my image as a worldly carnivore.

Current Mood: cynical
To avoid work, I watched a couple of the PETA 'horror videos' that I've heard so much about. What a let down! Dammit, PETA, if I'm going to sit through your inane blathering about animal rights, I want more of a payoff than a couple seconds of cows getting their throats slit.

Current Mood: disappointed

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