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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, November 16th, 2002

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New... um... friends. Sort of.
Tonight was Lazar's game, and we finally had a couple new people show up. Call and... er... Zelda? Those were their characters' names, at least. We didn't actually get introduced or anything because they were busy making their characters.

After that, we were thrust together by the call of filthy lucre, and set off on a grand quest to save the world.

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Current Mood: happy
As required by law...
As required by law, I went to see Harry Potter today. Being a movie that all humans are required by international law to see, regardless of its merits, and furthermore being such a movie that also got at least mediocre reviews, it was of course sold out.

So, I bought a ticket for a later showing, and went home to play a bit of Syberia, then set my alarm to give me just enough time to make it. I ended up waiting in line for a later showing, but got in just as the previews were starting. Because of people lying about seats next to them being taken (by their coats, no doubt) I was FORCED to sit front-row center. Which isn't that far from where I would have sat anyway.

The movie was okay until the end... the climactic battle was stupid, and the end scene in the cafeteria made me want to strangle someone. Not necessarily anyone responsible... I just think a violent murder would have nicely offset the forced good feelings emanating from the screen.

A few people tried to applaud the credits, but enough people got up brusquely and left to stifle it before it went very far.

So, I have to agree with the reviews I've seen in general, if not in all the specifics. It was a decent movie with some neat things in it. It was much better than, say, 'The Ring'. It wasn't really a disappointment. But there were some parts of it that just should have been done so much better, and I wasn't able to give it my coveted 'cringe free' award.

Current Mood: apathetic

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