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Terrycloth's Journal
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Monday, November 25th, 2002

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So... this is what you do on vacation, eh?
Well, I'm taking the week off work, because of Thanksgiving. We get two days off for it, and taking the other three off gives a nice long stretch with no work for a minimum investment of vacation time.

So, today I got up... slowly... wasn't really moving until noon. Took a nice long walk in this swampy park down by one of the park-and-rides south of downtown Bellevue. Ended up walking past a farmer's field that had been set up in the middle of the park. The path was covered in wood chips, which were strangely... shiny, if you looked at them at the right angle. In fact, when I held my head at *just* the right angle a ripple of light from the reflections slid evenly down the chunky, uneven surface. It was creepy.

Instead of forming a proper junction with the path proper at the far end of the field, the side path I was on just stopped at a ditch. Three foot ditch, two foot high fence, and there was the other path... but I wasn't about to jump in a ditch full of water. I walked along the ditch for a ways through the field itself, and eventually found somewhere I could squeeze under the fence and get back into the park.

All the gates were securely locked... but the fence had a foot-high gap at the bottom, and only went halfway around the field at any rate. Why bother?

After that, I ate some lunch, read a book, and generally felt really crappy, so I took some pills. Ugh. -.-

Current Mood: in pain

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