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Terrycloth's Journal
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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

Time Event
Work. ?
Trying to decide whether I should go in to work tomorrow or not. If I went in to work,
(a) I could catch up on certain e-mail threads that I might need to respond to as early as... er... tomorrow.
(b) I could go see James Bond movie with whatever dregs of the group aren't also gone.
(c) I could, you know, tell my boss that I'm taking this week off, in case it wasn't obvious.
(d) I'd save a vacation day.

However, I don't think I'd actually get any work done, so (d) is probably not a good idea. I might go in just to check e-mail and catch the movie, I suppose, then head right home from the movie, and mark the whole day off as vacation. Probably the best choice.

I don't like the idea of going in to work when I'm on vacation, though, even if it is only to check e-mail and not to actually work. It offends my principles, such as they are. Once, I was asked to come in on a weekend. I couldn't do it. The weekend was totally ruined by fear and guilt and anger and outrage, but I couldn't make myself actually show up to work on my day off.

This isn't really the same thing, though. At least, I don't think it is.

Current Mood: ambivalent
Stayed up 'till dawn reading the end of 'War of Honor'. Am not a rassimel. Or a college student. Got 3 hours sleep, then pried self out of bed with mental crowbar. Drove to work, collected movie tickets, checked e-mail. V. tired. Too tired to type 'ery'.

Current Mood: tired
Bond. Ja -- oh, you know.
Well, I went to see the movie. I was already dozing off through the credits, which is never a good sign. During the movie I was mostly okay during the action sequences, but whenever Moneypenny started talking I'd drift off into vague re-enactment of the book I'd been up early reading. Tonight, on mind's eye theater, Moneypenny is Honor Harrington!

Anyway, I fell asleep during the middle of the movie, but I can't really blame that on being tired, since I've fallen asleep during the middle of every Bond movie ever made. Unless there are some I haven't seen yet.

The theater was also very, very cold. I mean, I was shivering even with my coat on.

Highlights of the movie:

  • Bond is finally foiled by someone with a web-enabled cell phone who looks him up on the IMDB, then gets tortured with scorpions and electricity all through the opening credits. Yay!

  • Apparently, large swords are the weapon of choice of the modern spy. They aren't as clumsy or random as a pistol.

  • Entire building is made out of ice. Despite this, super-spy-woman is somehow trapped in a room when the (half-inch thick) doors lock.

  • Giant death ray is capable of destroying a hardened concrete bunker, but only damages an airplane. Maybe the piles of generic explosive barrels helped.

  • In Bond's world, DeBeers does not exist, and it's illegal to sell diamonds mined with the blood of innocents.

  • Every beautiful woman is surprisingly revealed as a spy. One of them does it twice.

Prognosis: Yep. It's a Bond movie.

Current Mood: cold
House... of the Dead
Tonight was Lance's D+D game. We'd decided that the previous game had gotten way out of hand (what with the spaceships and the undead armies and all) and made up new characters, and tonight was the shakedown cruise. Lots of combat.

game summaryCollapse )

Current Mood: satisfied

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