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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, November 27th, 2002

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25 things about me that rock
1. I'm able to be happy without worrying about whether or not I deserve to be.
2. I like all the good music, and hate all the bad music -- good taste.
3. I'm able to find something unworthy in everyone.
4. I'm able to find something in... well, in *nearly* everyone worthy of respect.
5. After years of practice and honing my skillz, I can r0x0r you in a stupid usenet style argument.
6. After years of practice, I know better than to actually participate in stupid usenet style arguments.
7. My magic decks destroy and humiliate my friends' decks, without spending a lot of money.
8. I'm gainfully employed and make more money than I need, allowing me to save for the future.
9. When something actually needs to be done, I can see it through to the end.
10. I'm a safe and careful driver, and still manage to terrify anyone who rides with me. Nya ha ha ha.
11. I brush and floss after every meal.
12. I'm the best Stars! player I know.
13. I can argue a completely absurd and transparently false point indefinately.
14. I'm generally able to integrate into new social circles smoothly.
15. I keep making jokes and puns even if most of them don't go over well, and the occasional successes are worth it.
16. I'm skilled at embracing and extending arcane legacy code.
17. I don't hit or bite people when I get angry, anymore.
18. I can trace and modify a drawing well enough to get what I want out of it.
19. I have a good memory, overall.
20. I'm smart.
21. I don't need to bother my friends to go see a movie.
22. I'm good enough at roleplaying to be an asset to any gaming group that fits my style.
23. I'm able to recognize when a group (gaming or not) doesn't fit my style and leave, usually without too many hard feelings.
24. I'm the voice of reason. No, really.
25. I can act cute and energetic even though I'm not. Even in person!


Current Mood: annoyed

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