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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, November 28th, 2002

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Went to my sister Anna's for Thanksgiving. She lives in Seattle, but it's a nice part of Seattle, with FREE PARKING. It's a bit hard to get to, though -- 16 steps by mapquest. But I managed it, with only one dangerous 'turn right from the left hand lane at the last second' thing. Which wasn't even dangerous since there was a right turn exit thing, and space for me to wait for an opening.

But anyway, I got there ahead of schedule, since I'd planned on getting lost, and they were running behind, since you always run behind when cooking a turkey. I peeled some potatoes for them, but my lack of cooking skill kept me from having to do any serious work.

While waiting to eat, and while eating, and after eating, and during dessert, we watched the extended DVD of 'The Fellowship of the Ring'... and I have to agree with everyone who's expressed an opinion to me on the subject -- the extended version is a much better movie. I'd have to even call it a 'good' movie, as opposed to the theater version which was just 'expensive'.

Afterwards I managed to get home using their rather circuitous directions, and the Turkey Effect didn't even kick in until I was safely curled up on my couch.

All in all, a good time, although I noticed how painfully geek a lot of my references and jokes were. Of course, Alex (Anna's husband) kept talking about arcane movie-making things and boring everyone too, so I wasn't alone.

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