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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, November 30th, 2002

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Tonight was Lazar's Friday game... we did some more shopping (why!?), then planned out an honest-to-god shadowrun, then went to a rave. No one tried to kill anyone at the rave, but several people died anyway, including Marten.

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Current Mood: thoughtful
I'm falling behind on my comics. Reading, that is. Most of it is that I have to order them two months in advance, so even if I decide something sucks, I still have at least two more months of it coming, so those pile up unread. Part of it is that I don't feel as much pressure to read the sort of marginal comics that I'd only sort of enjoy, like Hellblazer.

Maybe I shouldn't buy the ones I'm not sure I want to read. Of course, I have to order them two months in advance, so... [sigh]

Current Mood: indifferent
They Suck... but RC is cool
I went to see 'They'. Wow, what a terrible movie. Not only did it have no PLOT and no VARIETY -- the entire movie is people being terrified that 'They' are going to make all the electricity go out, then pop out of a closet and steal them away... until the end, when They pop out of a closet and steal them away. Not only that, but it had no NUDITY or GORE or SPECIAL EFFECTS OF ANY SORT, aside from some cheesy rubber costumes that you (of course) only see in the dark.

It's one thing when everything the victims try fails... it's another thing when the victims get offed before they even get to the point of trying to come up with something.

I don't just want my two hours back, I want the time of all the people who wasted their lives making the movie given back to them.

On the plus side, Ratchet and Clank is fun, even though I normally hate shooter type platformers. The controls are nice and smooth, and the enemies go down quickly if you use the right weapons... and the 'right weapon' is usually a matter of 'how do I deliver hurt to the enemy without him chomping me' instead of some lame-ass rock-scissors-paper crap like some games might use.

By which I mean, use frost on the fire beasts! This is stragety! Um... no. 'Hmm, if I plant mines outside all the doors before I open them, the enemies will run out and blow themselves up' is a lot more interesting. Especially when you might not actually have the minelayer at that point (doh!).

Current Mood: blank

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