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Terrycloth's Journal
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Sunday, December 1st, 2002

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I know you've probably forgotten about this by now...
I (finally) put up another segment of the World Tree story I'm working on. I've had most of it written for a long time now, but not quite in its current form. Originally there was a big battle at the marketplace, which Quilli somehow won all on zir own. Hopefully, the final version is less stupid. q:3

part 4

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Ha ha!
I won the ennegram test. And to prove that it's wrong, I GLOAT!

take free enneagram test

Current Mood: silly
The night where nothing happens.
Tonight was Loxley's online World Tree game. Not much happened -- we solidified some of our technical plans for returning up the tree, chatting with some rabid xenophiles. There was food, drugs, and alcohol.

There's something a bit absurd about a role playing session consisting of a conversation between fictional gamers. Brainstorming and math is still fun, though. At least to me. I think Kay and Cimm were bored.

I don't think this week really needs to be in the chain, so I'll skip it with the links.

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