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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, December 4th, 2002

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Well, that was easy.
Tonight was Lance's D+D game. We fought our way through many perils to what we expected to be a stronghold of evil, only to be offered a job. And immortality.

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Current Mood: amused
Lunchtime Horror
...so tired...

...turkey for lunch today. Everyone teased me about eating 'leftovers' from Thanksgiving. The line was unbelievably slow... there were four people in front of me, and it took 10 minutes to get served. Most of the time was spent watching the two people manning the station not serve people. One of them slowly and laboriously took vats of food out of the cabinet and scooped nearly one serving into the convenient trays from which it would eventually be served onto our plates. He was the one that would eventually ask someone what they wanted, only to discover that THAT tray was empty and had to be filled. Anything else? Oh, okay, I'll go get some more of that too...

The other methodically tested everything with a thermometer and wrote down all the temperature measurements. The turkey. The gravy. The stuffing. The carrots. The BREAD.

And after all that, the portions were tiny. I got revenge by taking a humongous gob of cranberry sauce. But the friends I'd been planning to eat lunch with all got up and left, so I ended up eating by myself at the huge table we usually use.

Current Mood: aggravated
I'm a horrible monster that deserves death.
Instead of working, so far today I've posted at least four inflammatary comments over various inter- and intra-net forums, virtually begging to be dragged into the kind of net.flame.war I profess to despise. One of them was even a detailed line-by-line inline response, which ended with a quasi-flame -- like a throwback to the mid-nineties.

Engage self-loathing circuits... now.

Current Mood: sick
Another Awful Movie
After work, I went up to Redmond Town Center for their Corporate Discount day -- if you were willing to show them a corporate ID you got 20% off at various places. Not at EBX, which was where I wanted it, but at Borders, and I found a few things to buy.

I saw that 'Solaris' was going to be playing, so I waited the half hour or so 'till the next showing at one of the picnic tables in the cold, reading 'The Theory of Everything'. I was struck by the lack of actual detail and reasoning -- not a bad thing, since I'd never be able to understand it -- and how it reminded me the bible. "And in the year 1970, did Hawking and Preston begat the proof of Reichmann's theory that the big bang was necessarily a singularity..." Names have been changed to protect me from the need to get up and go look at the book again.

Anyway, Solaris was really crappy and horrible. It was much worse than 'They'... in fact, I have to wonder if they actually did a remake, or just re-released the old 1970s version and said they did a remake. Horrible cheesy synth background throughout the whole thing, and not too much action... the space station was boring, 90% of the movie was flashbacks, and the horrible evil abusive protagonist who'd driven his own wife to suicide (three times) and murdered her (once) went to FRICKING HEAVEN. Aargh!

So, crushed and defeated by the awfulness of the movie, I drove home and got some frozen pizza pockets to console myself. I feel better now.

Current Mood: recovering

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