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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Time Event
As an attempt to increase productivity, I've decided to start getting up at 8 instead of at 9, so that I can go into work earlier. This makes sense because (a) I've been consistently an hour late to work, (b) getting in to work an hour or more late decreases productivity out of proportion, and (c) I rarely do anything worthwhile after 1am anyway.

Let's see if I can keep this up for more than a day.

Current Mood: determined
DMs: don't kill your players!
I'm serious, it's just not a good idea. Right now, Luis (who played the monk in Lance's ill-fated game) has been trying to (a) rules-lawyer out of being dead (there's NO WAY the kobold could have hit me! I had 28 AC!) (we did 79 points of damage to him! He'd have to be like 12th level to survive that!) and (b) protest the 'unfair' encounter that killed us.

Yeah, the encounter was EL 16. Yeah, we were 6th level and already very weak (no spells left for shaman or druid, although buffs were already up, and all the mage had was a pair of fireballs). Yeah, it's no surprise at all that we were killed. But we *weren't* slaughtered. We *almost won*. It was a tough fight, but winnable.

Argh. Now Lance has decided he doesn't want to run for this group anymore. Luis, I'm going to have to bite you. I'm sorry, it's the only way.

Current Mood: annoyed
Todays Experiment: Failed
I didn't get appreciably more done today than on a normal weekday, despite coming in at 9:00 (instead of the usual 10:30-11:00). OTOH, I got significantly more done than I did yesterday (as I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday), so it may be too early to give up on the idea just yet.

Current Mood: Abort [Retry] Fail

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