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Terrycloth's Journal
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Thursday, December 12th, 2002

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The Sauce of the Gods
At the cafeteria today, they were serving the weird chicken curry soup. This used to be one of my favorite entrees, but after the most recent cost-cutting binge it was somehow gutted. There was less of the curry soup to go with the fried veggies, and it was less tasty (almost totally bland, in fact), and the addition of chicken to the mix didn't really add anything.

But hope springs eternal, and the other menu items weren't exactly enticing, so I got it anyway. Sure enough, while it was almost 'hot' enough, it was otherwise pretty bland. And its messy, chaotic nature meant that it'd be hard to eat, too -- I considered just tossing it in the trash and going out for Taco Bell.

But then I noticed that they'd gotten another bottle of this Sweet Chili sauce I like... Moy Ploy or something like that. I'd never tried it on curry soup, but it had done wonders for their awful noodles and stir fry. So I took the bottle and glooped a nice big serving in...

...and wow, it not only tasted better, but it tasted exactly like I remembered it! Lunch was saved!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Hulk Smash!
I should know better than to trust the opinions of people who've had personal experience with something over my own snap judgement based on guilt by association.

Good reviews of Hegemonia convinced me to try it despite it coming from Dreamcatcher, purveyor of crap. Let's see...

  • Flickering planets give me a headache. Although this could potentially be blamed on my video card as well.

  • The stupid game keeps track of a separate position in zoomed in vs. zoomed out modes, so you can't zoom out to move long distances.

  • Bizzare keyboard 'shortcuts' (can you call them shortcuts if they're the only method of accessing a feature?) 'zoom to selected object' is 'D'. Pause is 'pause'... oh wait, I don't even HAVE A PAUSE KEY! AAARGH!

I'd take it back to the store, but I didn't buy it at EBX. Damn it.

Current Mood: disappointed

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