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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, December 14th, 2002

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Ultimate Hyper Death Ninja Marten
Tonight was Lazar's Friday game, wherein the party finish the annihilation of the Boeing-Sendai facility, freed a dragon, and killed lots of people. And didn't even have to use nuclear bombs to do it. Well, okay, ONE nuke.

game summaryCollapse )

Also, it looks like I won't be running the next campaign after all (I'd gotten the impression I would be last week). Instead, one of the new players will be. Seeing as (of course) he's only played Shadake these last few sessions... well, I hope he's damn good to pull that off.

Current Mood: bouncy
Goth Trek
Well, the plan for the day, originally, was to go to the RPGA, but I just... don't feel like going to the RPGA, especially not if Lance's game is metastasizing into two games, as it seems to be now (since Lance calmed down and agreed to continue, but the person he'd asked to take over still wanted to DM).

So, the alternate plan was for Lazar and Snowy and Sandy to go watch Star Trek: Nemesis. Note that I left out 'and I'. I'd floated the notion of going with them, but they weren't too enthusiastic, so it wasn't a surprise when they weren't on Taps like they said they'd be to coordinate. Or maybe they just have a different conception of 'early afternoon'.

So I went to see it by myself, and it was pretty good. It made no sense whatsoever, but it made less no sense whatsoever than the last few. And -- well, I guess that would be a HUGE SPOILER, but the ending made me so happy I could dance for joy, if I didn't live in an upstairs apartment. You may or may not correctly guess why if you see the movie... I can think of several things I might be referring to.

So, anyway, Star Trek: Nemesis is worth seeing, if you like Trek and can weather a few Trekkish plot holes.

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