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Terrycloth's Journal
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Sunday, December 15th, 2002

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Um, right.
The World Tree game today was cancelled at the last second, so I went out to the Crossroads Sunday movie gathering instead, despite having (a) just eaten lunch, and (b) seen the movie the day before, because I (c) was suddenly without anything to do, and (d) kind of like talking to jurann and teekachu and some of the other people who show up, although attendance of other people than those two seems to be highly variable, except for maybe Qba and Grzzel. I think it's Grzzel.

Anyway, today the special guests were three members of the esteemed Seattle Dragons, although I can't remember any of their names except that one was Brie, which I remember because I thought it was a pretty cheesy name. [cue rimshot] Also notably in attendance was Avaheil D. Otter, who was very, very old. He must have been like 40!

And yeah, I ended up seeing the movie again.

Current Mood: scritched

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