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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, December 18th, 2002

Time Event
G1: Against the Goblins
Tonight was Dan's Tuesday D+D game, wherein a new party followed an incompetent leader to glorious victory, then nearly came to blows over a pair of alligator-hide boots.

game summaryCollapse )

Current Mood: sleepy
Taming the Cost Beast
How not to save money: Turn off heating in your buildings in the middle of winter... then sell your employees inefficient, dangerous space heaters in the company store, which routinely trip your breakers, which can only be reset during normal business hours by calling facilities and scheduling a service call, because they're locked in the electrical closet.

Current Mood: amused
Sometimes alienation and abandonment...
I had a dream last night, but it wasn't even remotely interesting.Collapse )

I'm pretty sure I know exactly what these dreams are telling me, but I'm not sure I want to talk about it.

Current Mood: contemplative
Grr. Argh.
Stolen from several people, but mostly from silverblue and queenofstripes.

huge-ass quizCollapse )

Current Mood: angry

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