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Terrycloth's Journal
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Friday, December 20th, 2002

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Survey, with extra DOOM
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Current Mood: contemplative
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Last night I had a dream that I was in my old house back in Toledo living with my family, and had a bunch of overdue library books, as did my sister. So we gathered up all the overdue books (and overdue movies, and one overdue bright red japanese fan) from the places around the house that they were hiding, and in my head I added up the library fines... hundreds of dollars for some of the books, because they were months overdue!

Then we got to the library, and the pleasant librarian reassured us that we wouldn't have to pay more than the value of a book in fines, and could keep the books we 'bought' that way.

It's odd... usually that sort of dream only ends when I wake up terrified and relieved that it wasn't actually real... this is the first time I can remember when the situation resolved itself inside the dream like that.

Current Mood: confused
We have an X-Box here at work, in the lounge, and one of the games sitting in the locked cabinet is 'Sneakers', which was apparently made for traumatizing small children.

Most of the game is hide-and-go-seek on rails, where you run around the house (or whatever) trying to find rats. Then, once you've found all the rats with the same color hat, they jump you and you have to beat them up. The fights are kind of silly, with various-hatted rats making tiny punches, while you and your friends punch back. When enemy mice get knocked out, food appears which restores your health.

But if you take too long, or are careless, one of your friends might get knocked out. And then they die. And remain dead FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. They even edit them out of the cut-scenes.

Majorly creepy. Especially with how cheery the remaining mice are, acting as if their now-dead friends never existed. O.O

Current Mood: cold

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