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Terrycloth's Journal
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Monday, December 23rd, 2002

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Unable to find my copy of Stars!, I started playing Space Empires 4 again. It's pretty fun, although the way planetary population is more or less irrelevant is a bit disconcerting, and I remember from when I played it before that the computer is a total pushover, although it takes days of playing to get to where that becomes obvious.

Since I was also reading the Inssurection/Crusade/On Death Ground series by Weber and White (I think) I noticed how *precisely* the technology matches up between the two. SE4 is pretty old... but it had to have stolen all the ideas from the books, because it just isn't well enough known for the other way around to make sense. OTOH, it could just be that both use all the cliches of the genre.

After a bit of that, I went down to Cougar Mountain and walked down one of the paths... the marked point of interest that I was heading for didn't seem to actually exist, but I guess exhausting myself walking up and down a steep hill for an hour and a half is good for me anyway, although I'm not sure my knees would agree.

Then I decided to get some food, but forgot about rush hour (or more precisely, forgot this was Monday) and got stuck in awful traffic. Doh. But I got home eventually, munched on some general tso's chicken, and curled up for a nap on the couch. -.-

Current Mood: happy
Mmm. Pie.
Went over to foxcutter's to watch the episode of Enterprise I missed last week, and saw 'Buffy the Musical' again while I was there. How pathetic is it that this sort of thing is unusual enough to be worth mentioning? }:P

Anyway, I've got the fridge stocked up for the Christmas Retail Blackout, so I should be able to weather the coming storm relatively unscathed. Hot Pockets this year instead of the usual frozen pizzas. AND: a pie.

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