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Terrycloth's Journal
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Wednesday, December 25th, 2002

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Grammar: Overrated
Sat around house. Ate food, mostly pie. Played SE4: remembering why I stopped playing SE4, namely lack of computer resistance. Watched lots of Buffy on DVD and TV. Yay evil Willow!

Also bought a few last-minute... er... thingies. And cleaned up a bit. Started to break down the six foot by six foot by six foot pile of boxes from Amazon.com sitting next to couch. Carried out two large garbage bags full of styrofoam peanuts and bubble-wrap. About half done.

Planned to drive down to Ocean today. This did not happen. Tomorrow? Is traffic good on Christmas?

Current Mood: ungrammatical
I did not go outside...
Why would I go outside? All the stores are closed, and the weather is so cold and wet and dark that it's not like I can go to a park and not freeze to death and be miserable.

Somehow, I managed to keep myself occupied. I can't really discuss everything that I did, but one thing was to patch SE4 up to the most recent version before they decided to sell the same game again with internet support (which would mean buying the game again), then download the updated AI patch, then set the computer to 'hard' intead of 'medium', and now maybe it'll put up a fight. Since I did all three, it had better kick my ass. }:)

I also copied it to my laptop, as it doesn't require the CD to play, which is important for the laptop which often gets played when CDs are nowhere near. I noticed that my laptop's screen is a lot sharper than my desktop monitor at 1600x1200 resolution. I mean, I can actually see the pixels. Like, woah.

Current Mood: okay

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